Where would I stay while at the Reserves?

The James Reserve is a well-equipped field station with modern dormitory style accommodations, a classroom and all the accompanying amenities, including indoor toilets, showers and fully equipped kitchens and projectors. However, the James Reserve relies on its own solar and propane generator to produce electricity and subsists on diminishing reserves of water from its well. Visitors must limit use of electronics, lights, and water. Use of appliances is highly discouraged. Energy usage is closely monitored and we reserve the right to charge a surcharge for energy usage that exceeds average per/person load. The James Reserve has a teaching collection of over 70 vertebrate specimens.

There areTrailfinder lodge2 four dormitories that have beds for a total of 70 overnight users. Each building has bathrooms with showers and fully equipped kitchens. Campgrounds permit additional visitors (minimally 5-6 tents). The campground is within a couple of minutes walk to the main lodge (Trailfinders). All buildings have electricity, hot and cold running water as well as wireless internet. Wireless internet is accessible throughout the grounds of the James.Kitchen

There are currently no facilities at Oasis de Los Osos. Persons who would want to use the Reserve for multiple days can camp on the property. Alternatively we have also arranged for Los Osos visitors to camp in a private yard in the nearby village of Snow Creek where, at no additional cost, there is access to a bathroom and kitchen. There are commercial hotels, motels, etc. in nearby cities, e.g. Palm Springs, that visitors to Los Osos could use. Arrangements at commercial lodging is at los Osos vistors’ own arrangement and expense.

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