Welcome to the James San Jacinto Mountains


All non-UC users conducting an official activity on a reserve (which would require a use agreement form) are now required to sign a waiver form before you may use the James Reserve. If you feel that a waiver is not required, please review the following documents.

Waiver Guidelines

Please download the appropriate file, sign and either email them in for each user or bring them with you when you visit the reserve. If you do not sign a waiver you may not utilize the James Reserve or Oasis de los Osos Reserve. Minors must have the Individual Waiver signed by their guardian prior to the visit.

Click here for Individual Waiver (adults and minors)
Exención Individual (adultos y menores de edad)
Individual Waiver (multiple reserves)
Group Waiver (adults only)

All current and potential users of the James Reserve or any other University of California, Natural Reserve System Reserve must understand and abide by this set of policies:

NRS Use Guidlines
NRS Acknowledgement Form