K-12 Links

Smithsonian for Kids

Smithsonian Teaching Resources

Ecology for Kids

National Wildlife Federation, kids page

EPA Climate Change for Kids

Monarch Butterfly migration

JASON Science, National Geographic: Education through Exploration


Ecology, Conservation Biology and Biodiversity Science:

Tom Chester’s field guides:

Plant Guide for the Nature Trail at the James Reserve

Trail Guides for Southern California

Natural Reserve System Resources

CalFlora Online data base

Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Cornell Ornithology

National Center for Ecological Anaylsis and Synthesis

Society for Conservation Biology

Wildlife Conservation Society

National Park Service

California State Park Service

Information Center for the Environment, UC Davis

Ecological Society of America

Orgainisation of Biological Field Stations

Long Term Ecological Research

Society for Conservation GIS

ESRI Conservation Program

Climate Change

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Defense Fund

Natural Resources Research Defence Council

Earth Science

San Diego Natural History Museum

Earth Day Information from the Wilderness Society


Griffith Observatory

Palomar Observatory

The Moons Phase

Emergency Preparedness

Overview of Resources (Thanks Drew!)

California Emergency Management Agency

California Dept. of Community Services and Development: Disaster Preparedness

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Riverside County Incident Report

CalTrans Road Conditions

Earthquake Preparedness