Nestbox Webcams

Here at the James Reserve, we not only have nest boxes put up for various species such as Western Bluebirds, but we have many of the boxes instrumented with video cameras and ambient sensors.  This provides us with a unique opportunity to eavesdrop on the nesting behavior of the species using the boxes.  The most common species to use the boxes is western bluebirds but we also have noted violet-green swallows and chickadees using them.   Although the boxes are most active during spring and early summer, we have even recorded use of them during the winter by several species.  These boxes have provided a lot of data so far but still await a creative ornithologist/bird behaviorist to expand the information they may provide about bird behavior here at the James.  

Click on the thumbnail of a nestbox, and you’ll be redirected to the nestbox page, which includes its location on the James.  Archived images of all the nest boxes can be located at the James Reserve image library.

Nest Box 03

Nest Box 08

Nest Box 11

Nest Box 14

Nest Box 21

Nest Box 22

Nest Box 31

Nest Box 45

Nest Box 47

Nest Box 48

Nest Box 54

Nest Box 55

Bird Feeder Camera

Besides cameras in nesting boxes, we also have cameras pointed at the bird feeders we have outside of the Trailfinders Lodge.  These cameras allow visitors to our sit a glimpse of the many species we have at the James and gives us an opportunity to keep track of how numbers and species may change over time.  Click here to view who is coming to our feeders.

Click on the thumbnail of the birdfeeder, and you’ll be redirected to the birdfeeder page.

Bird Bath

Hummingbird Feeder


Robotic Cameras

We also have robotic camera on the reserve that can be pointed at specific parts of the reserve and provide phenology research data. Currently due to the age of these cameras they are not compatible with the current browsers. Although we can not provide active control anymore we can provide snapshot viewing of specified pan tilt zoom setting.

Click on the links of the Robocam, and that robocam will move to that position and return a snapshot of the current view.

Trailfinder RobocamTrailfinder Meadow RobcamNorthWest Tower Robocam
4 Saints Trail
Big Tree
Parking Lot
Hall Decker Rd.
Nestbox 31
Woodpecker Snag
Research Cabins
Sunset View
Research Plot
Pole 1
Pole 2
Pole 3
Road Fork
alpha node
Weather Station
Soil sensor
Rain Bucket
Snow Depth
Mt. San Jacinto
SJ Wilderness
NW Building
water tanks
Four Saints
Snow Level
Solar Panels
Rock Point
Raptor Perch