Nature Center Box1

The James Reserve has installed a nest box camera at the Idyllwild Nature Center:

Idyllwild Nature Center’s newest feathered residents are also our newest reality stars!
A family of Western Blue Birds have taken up residence in the nesting boxes found in front of the center. Their antics are being live streamed at the link below, thanks to the James Reserve’s generous assistance linking into their wired-woods technology.

Western Bluebirds tend to have a clutch size between 4 to 6 eggs. It will take 13 – 14 days for the eggs to hatch once the mother starts incubating the eggs. Some eggs may not hatch because one of the parents is infertile, poor incubation (common with young females with little incubating experience) or the egg shell is week. Once the eggs hatch the young birds will not fledge from the nest for 17 to 22 days. If the food source is in plenty a western bluebird pair can produce a 2nd brood in the same nesting season.

Follow them on the Nature Center Facebook page.

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