If I am visiting the Reserves overnight, what do I need to bring?

Bring everything that you would to car camp! Although there are fully equipped kitchens at the James Reserve, overnight users of the Reserve must bring their own food. The Reserve operates on a “Pack-in-Pack-out” basis and users are also responsible for removing the trash they produce while there. Sleeping areas have mattresses but users must bring their own bedding, usually sleeping bags, and pillows, if desired. You will also need to bring your own personal supplies (e.g., medications, toiletries) as well as a flashlight, wash cloth and towel. Do not bring power devices such as hairdryers or curling irons as the James Reserve is supplied only by off the grid solar panels.

At Oasis de los Osos, as there is only primitive camping available, you will need to bring all that is necessary for camping under these conditions. Again, a “Pack-in-Pack-out” policy applies to the overnight use of the Reserve.

Please remember to leave no trace of your visit. Our most-welcome visitors leave the facilities in better shape than they find them.

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