This is a little blog of the most interesting facts happening at the Reserve and its surroundings.

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New weather station at Oasis de los Osos.-

It was excellent teamwork making a dream come real. The new weather station at los Osos will support researchers, students as well as new research opportunities. Please, click on and check it out!


The Field Science Fellowship.- 

January 11, 2021. There is an extraordinary opportunity for undergrad students to develop research projects at the James. Check it out the Funding for Field Science Fellowship.

#NRS #Research #JamesReserve

October 25, 2020: Take part in this chilling activity and join the James iNaturalist community

Get involve and become a citizen scientist!

October 5, 2020: According to @SanBernandinoNF, the #SnowFire fire affected around 6,254 acres, including portions of the San Jacinto Wilderness, Santa Rosa and San Jacinto National Monument, and Tahquitz National Game Preserve. In the coming weeks, we will evaluated the area burned at Oasis de los Osos.










September 17th, 2020:  The #SnowCreek   fire is hitting Oasis de Los Osos. 



September 4, 2020:

There are extraordinary contributions in our summer newsletter; please check it out. 


June 25th, 2020Attention !!!! Attention !!!!

There is an extraordinary opportunity for students to develop research projects at the James. Check it out the Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant Program. #NRS #ResearchGrant #JamesReserve

May 7, 2020: Please, check the Spring Newsletter 2020 out and let us know your opinion about the new format of the newsletter. Are you interested in a particular section or topic?

Stay well, stay active!!

November 20, 2019:  Our first snow fall this fiscal year occurred.  We have about 1 inch of snow still on the ground today (Nov 21) but expect it to all melt very soon.  Check the historic and current weather conditions at James Reserve through our Dendra Interface.

May 4, 2019: After almost three months of closure, the James Reserve is open again!! We fixed all the damage from the flood and we got water back to most of our buildings. Feel free to place your reservation!

March 18, 2019: Today we attended the Mountain Disaster Preparedness meeting in Idyllwild.

Here is the link to a video of the full meeting. Unfortunately we did not receive good news: the road to the James (SR243) is closed and will remain closed for probably 6-8 months!

SR 243 is damaged on more than 25 spots and collapsed completely 4 miles North of the James and 4 miles south of it. SR74 from Hemet to Idyllwild is damaged in more than 50 spots and it is CALTRANS priority to fix it first.
SR74 to and from Hemet will reopen to traffic with a pilot/escort car in 4-6 weeks, but only 4-7 AM and 6-9 PM (except emergencies).
After another 6-8 weeks it will reopen all day for another 4-6 weeks, but always with a pilot/escort car.
Until then Idyllwild can be reached only through Anza (SR371) or Palm Desert (SR74).

March 7, 2019: Today the James Reserve Staff attended the “Storm-related Road Damage on San Bernardino National Forest” meeting that was held at the USFS headquarters in San Bernardino.

We met people from Caltrans, CHP, USFS, and we learned that the damage on the Hill and throughout San Bernardino and Riverside Counties is extensive; several roads, trails, or dirt roads have been affected by weather damage.

The weather forecast for the spring indicates that precipitation will continue, which may hinder repairs.

Caltrans priority is to work on both SR74 and SR243 simultaneously, prioritizing SR74 which will reopen first.

Caltrans is still assessing the damage. The situation is evolving, as combined precipitation and snowmelt continue to erode the road and loosen boulders, which represents a hazard for workers. As a result, repairs to SR243 could take up to four months.


March 7, 2019: A solitary mountain lion checked in at the James, but found no staff to attend it!


March 5, 2019: We were able to hike to the James Reserve and assess the damage of the flood.

Here is a copy of our last newsletter with the latest updates.

James Closure newsletter_Final


February 19, 2019: Here is an update on the road work just released by Caltrans:


February 15, 2019: A video of the damage to CA-243 from the California Highway Patrol, San Gorgonio Pass, Facebook page.[0]=68.ARDz7J77cPQcClsS3P4hSikHuq76Qf1J1rbK0g7a3XjIBYMunohieE2aeA3kMWoPLFHW6obyPXCNQ_m6vmxlBBvKJ-M-H4SYUMnx-BD2ztrCtjmNO4J40DPctJHCR2jFVEt1bB6_gqLRQLJzjtMyp6yaHO–VzJS_f62P8BFYgDuzEYQ2VZbO4-47InkXDKVDIQ_yFCpy_sejgEjQOYvsgbtT4PpcM8IA_j_CKbh8SQr1edjwrkbdmYyJqGTbkyVHrXPgefAJNzzDEoBzZAlHsmBEKDAfcIevkVB_a2dofEGYUlHxulwmQAPS_Y0WJhqfMs85OY4NyNHBLwsyASzeXhItE1sGShmiw


February 14, 2019: An unprecedented rain event caused the closure of the James Reserve

Between February 13 and 14 2019 the James Reserve received 189.23 mm (7.45″) of rain which also thawed the significant snow pack that was standing on the ground. This caused rock falls, mudslides and raging water to damage and wash away highway 243 in several spots. In particular the road completely collapsed 4 miles south of the Reserve and 4.5 miles North of it making the Reserve unreachable. We will remain closed until the necessary repairs will be performed on the road. Here is a short video of what Idyllwild  looked like on February 14.


December 4, 2018: CA-243 closure between Banning and the James Reserve, use alternative route. 


November 28, 2018: The Fall 2018 Newsletter was released!


October 31, 2018: Last night at 10.49 pm  a bear walked around the Trailfinders Lodge without touching anything. It appears that it disturbed some of the trash cans at Lake Fulmor, but not the dumpsters though.

It looked healthy and in good shape. Here is a short video of its visit.


October 24, 2018: Last night a bear visited again the dumpsters at Lake Fulmor showing that they are human proof but not bear-proof.


October 21, 2018: A solitary bear walked by the Trailfinder Lodge while users were asleep (VIDEO).


October 6, 2018: One bear appeared in our cameras at 4.03 am. Bears also disturbed the trash cans at Lake Fulmor. We had a camera set up by the dumpsters, but it does not look like they tried to force them.


September 27, 2018: A bear disturbed the dumpsters at Lake Fulmor and also both our utility sheds and the camera.

We caught it on video and we got another nice dental examination!


September 26, 2018: A film crew from CBS2/KCAL9 interviewed Squirrel Gazer and UCLA PhD Candidate Amanda Robin about her research on squirrels.

Here is the video.


September 14, 2018: A bear possibly disturbed trash at Lolomi.


September 10, 2018: We succeeded! Two bears (SURPRISE!) were filmed visiting the TFL.

They knocked a garbage can and damaged both the utility sheds outside the TFL.

They also stole a couple of bird feeders and tried to bite the camera. We got a nice dental examination…


September 1, 2018: Bear visited during the night. It damaged the utility sheds outside the TFL.

We decided to install camera traps to monitor bear activity.