Welcome to the James San Jacinto Mountains

Apply to do Research

Welcome to the James! At the James and Los Osos Reserves, our primary aim is to support research efforts conducted on or near the Reserves. We encourage all types of scholarly research in all disciplines, from short-term to longer-term projects. However, it is important to read the NRS guidelines before applying, in order to make sure the proposed research is appropriate for NRS. In order to insure that we meet the needs of the varied researchers that come to the Reserves, we make every effort to reduce conflicts for housing, equipment, and available resources. In order to insure that we meet the logistical needs of your research activities, it is important that you apply as soon as possible in advance of your visit. Our on-line application process can be found here: RAMS reservations.

Contemplating Research at the James or Los Osos?
If you are considering beginning a new project either at the James Reserve or Oasis de los Osos Reserve, please contact the Reserve staff by phone (951-827-6835, 951-827-6836), or email (jennifer.gee@jamesreserve.edu or acampi@jamesreserve.edu).

In discussing your possible research with us please have the following information handy:

  • Summary of what you want to do
  • How often would you anticipate visiting and how long would you stay for each visit
  • Your anticipated needs for housing and/or equipment (note we are not able to provide transportation services)
  • Will you be collecting specimens? And if so, do you have the appropriate permits?
  • Will your work involve constructing experimental structures or modifying/manipulating research sites?
  • If your project involves vertebrate animals. If so, appropriate approval will be needed.

Filing an On-line Research Application
The procedure for filing an on-line research application has been made relatively easy and streamline with our on-line Reserve Application Management Systems (RAMS). Once you have discussed your project with Reserve personnel and all agree that the Reserve is a good fit for your work, you can enter the RAMS system and fill out the application.

The application procedure requires some of the standard information found in a scientific research proposal – Tile, principal investigator information, a brief introduction/summary of the project and research methods you plan to use to complete your project. Additional site specific information include:

  • Logistical and methodological issues regarding frequency/duration/seasonal timing of your visits, anticipated need for housing, possible equipment needs, how/whether specimens will be collected, and your plans to construct or devise experimental manipulations and the scheduled removal of them at the end of the project.
  • Approximate dates of proposed research and activities planned,
  • Applications should be submitted at least two weeks prior to your first intended visit.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive an on-line confirmation. You need not resubmit an application unless you plan to expand your project beyond its original scope or extend the work beyond the original time period. You will, however, have to fill out a reservation request for each time you plan on coming to the Reserves (see scheduling a visit).