Welcome to the James San Jacinto Mountains


Apply to do Research

Welcome to the James! At the James and Los Osos Reserves, our primary aim is to support research efforts conducted on or near the Reserves. We encourage all types of scholarly research in all disciplines, from short-term to longer-term projects. However, it is important to read the NRS guidelines before applying, in order to make sure the proposed research is appropriate for NRS. In order to insure that we meet the needs of the varied researchers that come to the Reserves, we make every effort to reduce conflicts for housing, equipment, and available resources. In order to insure that we meet the logistical needs of your research activities, it is important that you apply as soon as possible in advance of your visit. Our on-line application process can be found here: RAMS reservations.

Research Activities

As part of the UC Reserve System, one of the major missions of the James and Los Osos Reserves is to promote scientific research of the natural systems they contain. To that end, the Reserves have supported a variety of research efforts in various scientific disciplines. Some of the more recent efforts include.

Outreach at the James

The James Reserve, like the rest of the reserves of the Natural Reserve System has the three basic mission of research, education, and public outreach. At the James, we fulfill the first two of these missions mainly by supporting the research and teaching activities of not only the University of California campuses but from a wide variety of campuses across the state of California and the nation (see What We Do). 

Teaching at the James and Los Osos

The mission of the University of California Natural Reserve System is to contribute to the understanding and wise stewardship of the Earth and its natural systems by supporting university-level teaching, research and outreach. Of these activities, teaching generally reaches the most people annually at the James. It is an outdoor classroom set in the San Jacinto Mountains.